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Glo Academy

Standalone Permanent Makeup Courses

At Glo Academy we feel it is vital to your future success as a permanent makeup artist to learn all four of the fundamental techniques which is why we teach the following standalone permanent makeup courses.

If a student has already obtained their Permanent Make-up Certification, Esthetician or Cosmetologist  License, or meet their state’s requirements they are able to apply for any of the four advanced stand alone courses offered by the School. Each stand-alone course focuses on one topic and will include  hands-on, fast-paced training over the course of two, eight hour days. These courses are some of the  few stepping stones available to advance a permanent make-up career.

Stand-Alone Courses Offered 

  1. Microblading / Hair Strokes
  2. Ombre / Powdered Eyebrows
  3. Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner
  4. Full Lip / Lip Blush

Stand-Alone Course Costs

Tuition: $1,800
Materials: $150
Total: $1,950

Non-Refundable – Subject to Cost Change. Registration Fee includes the tuition payment, which is due at the time the student registers for the course. The other $950 will be due five days prior to the course start date.



Permanent Lips



Chemical Peels

Skin Care/Wax


Laser Hair Removal

Teeth Whitening