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Standalone Permanent Makeup Courses

At Glo Academy we feel it is vital to your future success as a permanent makeup artist to learn all four of the fundamental techniques which is why we teach the following standalone permanent makeup courses.

Standalone Permanent Makeup Courses At Flawless Glo PMU

If a student has already obtained their Permanent Make-up Certification, Esthetician or Cosmetologist  License, or meet their state’s requirements they are able to apply for any of the four advanced stand alone courses offered by the School. Each stand-alone course focuses on one topic and will include  hands-on, fast-paced training over the course of two, eight hour days. These courses are some of the  few stepping stones available to advance a permanent make-up career.

Stand-Alone Courses Offered 

  1. Microblading / Hair Strokes
  2. Ombre / Powdered Eyebrows
  3. Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner
  4. Full Lip / Lip Blush

Stand-Alone Course Costs

Tuition: $1,800
Materials: $150
Total: $1,950

Non-Refundable – Subject to Cost Change. Registration Fee includes the tuition payment, which is due at the time the student registers for the course. The other $950 will be due five days prior to the course start date.



Permanent Lips



Chemical Peels

Skin Care/Wax


Laser Hair Removal

Teeth Whitening