Eyelash Lifts and Tints.

Flawless Glo specializes in the latest natural looking techniques for eyelash lifts and tints with amazing results. This also happens to be one of our most popular services. Lash lifts are a great alternative to eyelash extensions. We offer different curl sizes depending on how curled or “lifted” the client wishes to have them. This service generally lasts 5 – 8 weeks.

Below you will find some of our prior lift and tint jobs. If you have any questions about this service or any other service we offer please contact us here.



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Flawless Glo MedSpa

Lash Lifts And Tint

Flawless Glo specializes in semi permanent makeup and natural looking hair stroke techniques for microblading eyebrows with amazing results.  We can apply the following semi permanent aesthetics; eyeliner, and PMU lips. Looking for skin care services? Flawless Glo offers skin care services including dermaplaning, micro needling, saline tattoo removal and chemical peels.

Check out our very talented team that includes artists that apply eyelash extensions, eyelash lifts & tints, facial & full body waxing, as well as a hair stylist. Together-We Create Stunning Transformations™