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Brow lamination is essentially a gentle perm for your brows to achieve a fuller, more voluminous and even look. It is a less permanent alternative to microshading that typically lasts 4-8 weeks. It is recommended to come back for maintenance appointments in order to maintain the desired look over a longer period of time.

Brow Lamination


Brow lamination and tints are a perfect way for individuals with average to dense brows that are misshapen or uneven to transform them into an absolute show-stoppers. Take control of your eyebrows with a fuller, more manicured look for up to 8 weeks with laminated eyebrows that are perfect for you.

Eyebrow Waxing


Traditional eyebrow waxing services at Flawless Glo MedSpa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lamination.

How long does a brow lamination last?

Brow laminations can last from 4 to 8 weeks.

What is a brow perm?

Brow perms, also known as brow laminations, are a non-invasive perm procedure that softens and repositions your brow hairs to create a fuller and smoother, yet natural, look for weeks with very little additional effort.

Who are brow laminations for?
  • Brow laminations are for anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brows.
  • People with sparse brows or those who are growing out their brows.
  • Not ready to commit to microblading or permanent makeup? Brow laminations are for you.
  • People with unruly, stubborn brow hair.
Will a brow lamination cause damage to my natural brow hair?

As long as you follow our Flawless Glo MedSpa’s pre and post care, Brow Lamination is a totally safe procedure!

Does brow lamination work with all skin types?

Yes, brow laminations work with all skin tones.

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