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Permanent Makeup School with Glo Academy!

Join Glo Academy’s permanent makeup school and become a permanent makeup artist today! As Western Colorado’s Premiere Permanent Cosmetic Training Program. Glo Academy’s 132 Hour course will teach the most current cutting edge techniques in permanent makeup and cosmetics.

One on One classes offered, sign up or inquire today. 132 hour courses will be held quarterly. No current 2023 class dates. 

Glo Academy Permanent Makeup School 

Glo Academy’s permanent makeup school is designed to teach the fundamentals of the permanent make-up industry, and the art of lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner application. Various techniques of color application will be taught throughout the class. Most materials, tools, and other educational materials will be provided by the academy. The program includes 132 hours (17 days) of in-class learning with hands-on live model training.

Permanent Makeup School Training Schedule

17 days total.
Monday – Friday (2 Straight Weeks)
1 Week Break
Final Week Monday – Friday

How much does permanent makeup school costs? 

Tuition: $4,800
Books: $150
Total: $4,950

Why choose Glo Academy for PMU school?

We have years of experience in permanent makeup and a loyal clientele that travels from all over the United States. As one of Western Colorado’s best permanent makeup artists, Flawless Glo is now teaching the tricks of the trade at during our new Glo Academy permanent makeup course. Glo Academy is  your premier Colorado PMU school, and are conveniently located in Grand Junction, CO for those not in close proximity to Denver or Salt Lake City.

Does Glo Academy offer stand alone permanent makeup courses? 

Yes, Glo Academy offers permanent makeup classes for: Microblading / hair strokes, ombre and powdered eyebrows, permanent lash line enhancement eyeliner and full lip / lip blush treatments.

You can view standalone course information here.

Is there grants or financial aid for Permanent Makeup Schools?

Yes there are many resources for finding the funding you need to become a permanent makeup artist. Below are some resources that can be used to find financial aid or grants for PMU Schools. – Website

Contact Glo Academy today with any questions regarding our PMU school, costs or training schedules. 132 hour courses will be held quarterly. No current 2024 class dates.



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