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Customer Service at Flawless Glo is all about you!  I want to provide you with the highest standards of service and personal care, in the most professional environment so that you will return and recommend me again and again!

Spa Policies At Flawless Glo

Flawless Glo Spa Policies, Deposit Info

A NON-REFUNDABLE $50 booking fee deposit is required when an appointment is booked and will be applied toward your initial follow up appointment after your procedure.

IF  you return within the specified time frame.  After the consultation by phone or in person, you will be given the cost of the procedure you are scheduled for.  All policies will be in effect immediately. Clients are never pressured to schedule a procedure. In fact, all procedures should be carefully considered before scheduling them.

If you have an appointment, this time is reserved exclusively for you. In the event that you must cancel your appointment, I require a 72-hour cancellation in advance notice for services. Cancellations of less than 72 hours will be charged full price of the service(s) booked. No shows will be charged full price of the service(s) booked.  The BOOKING FEE DEPOSIT is always non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Arriving late will deprive you of valuable service time.  If you arrive 15 minutes or more after your appointment time I will not be able to perform the services you were scheduled for.  Late arrivals may be rescheduled.  If you have two appointments that you arrive more than 15 minutes late for, I will not schedule any future appointments with you.  Your Booking Fee will not be refunded, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please do not bring children to appointment(s).  This is a Safety/Health issue.  No procedure will be performed when a child is present.  If you show up with a child and I have to reschedule you and waste that appointment time slot you were scheduled for, you will be charged 50% of the cost of your procedure.  I also ask that no small children are in the waiting area as I want to provide the best relaxation atmosphere for my Permanent Makeup and other clients. As always, I do require 72-hour notice to cancel or reschedule in order to avoid fees.

Only myself and my client will be allowed in the procedure room.  No other adults will be allowed in the procedure room.  

Out of consideration for guests, please mute cellphones. Cell phone use is not permitted while permanent makeup services, or any other services are rendered. Please keep your cell phones in your purse or pockets.

Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by anyone else is not “just a touch-up” since it is not my original work. Therefore, fees start at the new permanent makeup prices. Additional charges will apply if extensive shape and symmetry correction is required. Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete most permanent makeup correction procedures depending on each person’s skin.

Maintenance fees apply to refreshers, touch ups or color boosts of my own permanent makeup work (returning clients). Cost varies according to length of time since last procedure, amount of fading, and work required.  Please see book appointment or color boosts costs. Staying on top of your color boosts will keep from having to start over completely & have to pay for the procedure in full.

​Pregnant, nursing and anyone under the age of 18 will not be considered for tattooing.  Insulin dependent and individuals on blood thinners are not good candidates for permanent makeup. People with VERY oily skin are not good candidates as they may not do well with pigment retention.  Please let me know if any of these apply.

All prices quoted are subject to change without notice.  Purchases and services are final, and there are NO refunds. I screen all clients and  reserve the right to refuse services to anyone. Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete most permanent makeup procedures depending on each person’s skin and touch-up fees will apply. Since scar tissue is abnormal, multiple sessions are usually needed to achieve satisfactory results with medical grade tattooing/camouflage.

It is a pleasure to serve you. I provide you my undivided attention during your session, have high standards for my work, and want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

In an effort to provide the best service to you, I thank you for respecting and following these policies.

~ Theresa




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